Lets Talk About Your Party!

Tell us about YOUR party

Our party packages are great for any occasion (21 or older of course) and packed to fit any size gathering; big or small. We offer different ice cream packages that are built for the best occasions of your life. No matter the season or the reason, Boozy B's wants to help you celebrate.

What we offer

Weddings, Bachelorette & Bachelor parties, Birthdays, Graduations, Office Parties, etc. No matter what the occasion is, we want to help you make it different and memorable. Our Alcoholic Ice Cream Party Packages will be the star of your party every time! You tell us the amount of people and we can recommend a package or multiple packages that will make sure everyone gets to feel tipsy with Boozy B's Buzzzz.

What about Weddings?

When the church bells start ringing, these Bees start Buzzing. We want to celebrate your special day with you! Boozy B's LOVES weddings and we have great ice cream packages for you and your Mr. or Mrs. to be. You can add a package to a traditional wedding or even replace the cake completely with one of our packages. For wedding packages, we will set up a consultation with you, and have you come to our shop in West Pittston to choose from a selection of Alcohol Infused Ice Cream flavors to try. This lets us talk and iron out all the details such as dates, times, and the package that fits your reception best.

OK... How do I get started?

For our Birthday Package, give us a call and order two weeks in advance so we can get everything together for pickup. For larger parties you will need to place your order and deposit at least three weeks in advance. Simply give us a call to talk about your party and we will go over the best options available.

Let our bees party with you! We want to be involved in all your special events. Check out our packages! Boozy B's also offers personalized consultations with tastings to help get to know you and your requirements, so you can pick the right package and flavors for your special day. Whether it be a wedding or a 21st birthday party we can help you make the best choice.

All party package orders must be placed 3 weeks in advance.

Lets Talk About Your Party!

Wedding Extravaganza

128 Scoops

For weddings that are looking to make a statement!!! This package includes 128 four oz. servings of our amazing alcoholic ice cream! You get to choose 4 flavors! Wow! It also includes 10 oz. of sprinkles and 10 oz. of peanuts. It has everything for your guest to have the time of their lives at the most important moment of yours.

This Package Includes:

  • 128 4oz. servings Ice cream
  • 128 spoons
  • 128 cups
  • 128 napkins
  • 4 ice cream scoops

Classic Wedding Package

96 Scoops

This package will make your wedding one to remember! It comes with 96 four oz. servings of our Alcoholic ice creams. It also includes 8 oz. of sprinkles and 8 oz. of peanuts. Your guests will never forget this wedding! We promise you! You get to choose 3 flavors!!

This Package Includes:

  • 96 4oz. servings Ice cream
  • 96 spoons
  • 96 cups
  • 96 napkins
  • 3 ice cream scoops

Intimate Wedding Package

64 Scoops

This package was made for a small wedding or party that still wants its gets to have the best time and make a memorable experience. It includes 64 four oz. servings of our Alcoholic ice cream and 6 oz. of sprinkles and 6 oz. of peanuts. Your choice of 4 flavors!

This Package Includes:

  • 64 4oz. servings Ice cream
  • 64 spoons
  • 64 cups
  • 64 napkins
  • 4 Ice cream scoops

Birthday Package

48 Scoops

This package is perfect for a 21st birthday party or bachelorette! It offers 48 four oz. servings with everything you need for you guest to enjoy themselves. This package also includes 4 oz. of sprinkles and 4 oz. of peanuts. You get to choose 3 flavors!!

This Package Includes:

  • 48 4oz. servings Alcoholic Ice cream
  • 48 spoons
  • 48 cups
  • 48 napkins
  • 3 ice cream scoops

Itty Bitty Boozy Cake Pkg

0 Scoops

These beauties are individual ice cream cakes! They have layers of chocolate cake and our boozy ice cream with a chocolate cookie top layer. The Itty Bitty Boozy cake is perfect for weddings! Order one for each adult guest to make your day the most special of days and give your guest a unique experience.

This Package Includes:

  • Bitty Cakes for specified amount of guests
  • Min. order 48 or more
  • You can choose two flavors!
  • Give you guests some variety!
$ 4.50

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** All of our Ice Cream products contain alcohol. You must be at least 21 years of age with valid ID to purchase or order ANYTHING we offer. Because our products are hand-made colors may very. Due to the nature of our products, they many contain but are not limited to allergens such as nuts, soy, wheat, eggs, and dairy.